This wiki is the online home for “The Telepathic Motion Picture of the LOST TRIBES [2017- present], a 26 Season, 26 Episode per season Television Series, which is the direct sequel to the 1991 cult feature film “Wax or The Discovery of Television Among the Bees” [1991-present].

Trailers for Episodes 1-4 of Season 1. Full episodes available as video on demand at Vimeo.

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As you have forgotten:

In a world between the explosions of lost,
Between the forgotten, and the never known,
There is only one Thing, which is a Thought,
and that is the Television which is between us

For we live in a time of troubles,
Where the past is the future of the present,
And all things happen at once
As they do in explosions.

In a world where all minds are one mind,
And where there is no thought, but only things,
There is only one thing that can save us,
And it is lost, among the ballets of the dark
Where we speak to the children who aren’t there,
In the future of the past.

And, so, in another place,
As television changes the channels of the world
And the light changes to dark at the beginning of the show,
After you have paid,
We, the Lost, find ourselves talking while the movie plays,
Among dancers that arrive from that dark,
And we enter the End of the World,
Which is a Television Studio
here in the Center of the screen

Here! at the Telepathic Motion Picture of THE LOST TRIBES
A 26 year, 26 episode per year simultaneous television series.

This week’s episode and episode and episode!!!

For a crime has been committed!!! and Manchuria has become America’s 55th State, and there, Jacob Maker, his 3 twins, and the rest of their tribe, suddenly find themselves lost in many places at once after a failed attempt to talk to apparently friendly dead people through an disappearing electrical theatre built by their half-Grandmother. Traveling by explosion to other parts of America everywhere all at the same time, including the strange magnetic floating islands of Antwerp, Manhattan and Paris, this Lost Tribe finds itself hired by a Manchurian company to make Telepathic Motion Pictures, and the results change the world.

And so,
as I have said
every thing happens all at once,
and as I speak,
you forget.

For You have committed a crime,
Here, on the Television
at The Telepathic Motion Picture of

Don’t forget to Pay on the way to forgetting!

And now, our show….