a short January 2017 interview for the Transmediale Festival, which answers some general questions about Wax and Waxweb.
Interview, Transmediale Festival, Berlin, 2017

project description, “The Telepathic Place, Season 23, The Camera Train Arrives From Space”, installation at the Galerie de L'Angle, Paris, 9-16-16

section from Season 24, Episode 7 : “The Angel of Life”
section 24:7

[9/2016] Season 24, Episode 21: “Janskys of the Thumb Planet!” [31 minutes]
test for the radio version of the episode
radio play

[9/2016] title previews for Season 24 of The Telepathic Motion Picture of THE LOST TRIBES

[3/2016] added CV

[1/2016] added the first batch of Press clippings, about 600 pages