The Telepathic Place: An Installation @ MuHKA, Antwerp, June 7 - Sept 9, 2013

5 rooms, 22 video channels, 5 sound channels, a 15 meter stationary moving panorama, 100 Telepathic Paintings, various devices used to create the Telepathic Cinema of Manchuria, including machines from the famous Vrielynck Collection.

A sequence of stills of the installation is here:

The Telepathic Place  

Below is a descriptive video of the installation, with narrative. In addition, you can find the video channels [full length].

More information here:

Review of the Exhibition, H-Art, 7-18-2013

In The Shadow of the Great Projector: review by Josephine Bosma

Interview describing the background to the project

The ABC's of the The Telepathic Place, a flier prepared for Museum visitors