The Telepathic Place: An Installation @ MuHKA, Antwerp, June 7 - Sept 9, 2013

5 rooms, 22 video channels, 5 sound channels, a 15 meter stationary moving panorama, 100 Telepathic Paintings, various devices used to create the Telepathic Cinema of Manchuria, including machines from the famous Vrielynck Collection.

A sequence of stills of the installation is here:

The Telepathic Place  

Below is a descriptive video of the installation, with narrative. In addition, you can find the video channels [full length].

More information here:

Review of the Exhibition, H-Art, 7-18-2013

In The Shadow of the Great Projector: review by Josephine Bosma

Interview describing the background to the project

The ABC's of the The Telepathic Place, a flier prepared for Museum visitors



  • feature: The Telepathic Motion Picture of THE LOST TRIBES

    "The Telepathic Motion Picture of THE LOST TRIBES" :

    Manchuria has become America’s 55th State, and there, Jacob Maker, his 3 twins, and the rest of their tribe, find themselves lost in many places at once after a failed attempt to talk to apparently friendly dead people through an electrical theatre built by their half-grandmother. Traveling to other parts of America everywhere at the same time, including the strange magnetic floating islands of Antwerp, Manhattan and Paris, this Lost Tribe finds itself hired by a Manchurian company to make telepathic films, and the results change the world."

    On screen soon. A sequel to the 1991 film “Wax or the Discovery of Television Among the Bees”.

  • The Telepathic Place: An Installation @ Harvestworks, NY June 2014

    Using a variety of screens, speakers, and moving/static objects, the Manchu Edison Film Corporation presents a form of the Telepathic Cinema, as a telepathic film which includes a history of its own invention. This will include the strangely multinational Phenakistoscope of 1832 [literal translation, "deceitful wheel"], and other geometric animation machines designed by the blind color theorist Joseph Plateau. But that is only a beginning, and we will not forget, in the best way possible, the contributions of the colonial Manchurian cinema to these advancements. Ethical stories included.

    For many years I have been at work on an alternate history of the global movie industry, based on the projects of an imaginary film company. Over these years, I’ve accumulated a large archive, or in transmedia terms, a “storyworld”, of images, real/digital objects, and narrative, which I use to create fictions, in mixed media, around this alternate history. The stories arrive from an imaginary form of “telepathic cinema” invented by the company, known as “silent sound film”, where telepathic “movietalkers” project thoughts during a film, creating a movie both interior and exterior.


    This project at Harvestworks follows the logic of a 5 room “Telepathic Place” installation created last year for MuHKA, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Antwerp. In the Project Room, I, and the Manchu Edison Film Corporation, will present a installation which evokes elements of the alternate history. This happens by a first person “movietalker” presentation, which is both a film, and evocation of the more general mechanisms of this imaginary telepathy, in a place where things are ideas, are spoken, and coincidence appears.

    This presentation is in preparation for a larger production planned for the 2015 New York Electronic Arts Festival, which will represent the history of the Telepathic Cinema in the New York region, as a mental miniature of the world.

    This project is made possible in part with public funds from NYSCA’s’ Electronic Media and Film Presentation Funds grant program, administered by The ARTS Council of the Southern Finger Lakes 





  • video: The Telepathic Place - The Telepathic Machine (2014)

    11:00, 2014, France

    with David Blair, Louise Denyer, Anna Verma

    a section from "The Telepathic Motion Picture of THE LOST TRIBES" 

    by David Blair

    description: By the use of machines descended from an alternate history of the cinema, it has become possible for the Manchu Edison Film Corporation to make telepathic films, otherwise known as silent sound films. Here is an example of the simultaneous production and presentation of one such film, by this studio.

  • Parallel Thoughts Will Take The Shape Of Plaster Bubbles : Installation @ Zebrastraat, Ghent, Belgium, Oct. 10-20 2013

    A commission for the exhibition: 3 channels video [approx. 60:00 unsynced loops], 2 channels of audio [same], plus wall drawing and phonographic picturedisk [additional audio channel].

    The narrative is presented in a semi-telepathic fashion via video text on the center channel. Description of story and full text of center channel are available here. This story, 1 hour long, is also only an introduction to a longer text, which proves that the sources of the Manchurian Telepathic Cinema can be found among these Flemish scientific artifacts.

    Left and right channels serve as a catalogue of materials related to Joseph Plateau at the UGent Science Museum... both introduction to and individual proofs of the arguments presented in the narrative part of the install.

    Photo gallery of the installation [33 photos], showing the physical configuration, and drawings, is here

    Information on the phonographic picture disk is here

    Show poster/postcard is here, with listing of other artists

    Full video of the installation is available below... first a simulation of the 3 channels, then the individual channels.


  • En Trouvant la Cinematographie Telepathique de la Mandchourie [2010]